Perform 3

Thanks to a long experience in manufacturing and developing products dedicated to verticality, EDELWEISS introduces Perform 3, a new generation of ropes, true to our reputation of durability and reliability, lighter and of better handling, with even more shock absorption. This is the result of a dedicated development on the material, its treatment and on the very construction of the rope itself.

In terms of gear, weight is the worst enemy. Perform 3, using the latest generations in polymers allows a difference in weight of up to 5 grams per meter on the Magnetic. Multiply this by the length of your rope and you will see the advantage!

Better performance also means lower impact force: the lower it is the more comfortable for the climber when falling. The ratio durability/shock absorption must therefore tend to guarantee the endurance of the rope as well as security for the climber.

Thanks to a specific work on the thermal treatment of the threads, Perform 3 can provide with a gain in impact force performance of up to 12.5% on a same diameter rope. Security of course, is for a rope to resist a series of falls in order to preserve life. UIAA norm has the ropes tested in extreme conditions of repeated falls that would most likely be lethal to the climber. The new generation of EDELWEISS ropes, Perform 3, can sustain up to two more of these drastic test falls.

In order to reach that level of performance, the braiding and torsion of the threads have been optimized so as to have both core and sheath workingperfectly homogeneously. This is also how we succeeded in introducing several Perform 3 ropes with Sharp Edge Resistance, another evidence for EDELWEISS quality!