Magnetic 11 mm

Magnetic 11 mm
  • Magnetic 11mm Supereverdry C3A11 col C1502
  • Magnetic 11mm Supereverdry C3A11 col B1501
  • Magnetic 11mm Standard col D2007
  • Magnetic 11mm Standard col E2008

Magnetic 11 mm

Rope for professionals.



Rope for professionals who use their gear intensively and expect maximum safety. With its 11mm diameter and 15 UIAA falls and an impact force of only 8.5kN, it delivers reliable safety and performance to the climber.

The Magnetic is also available with Supereverdry treatment, thus obtaining the UIAA Water Repellent label


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Diameter 11 mm
Impact force factor 1,77 8,6 kN
Number of falls factor 1,77 15
First fall elongation 31 %
Static elongation 7 %
Sheath slippage 0 mm
UIAA Water Repellent 1 %
Weight 75 g/m
Material Polyamide
Standard UIAA - CE EN892
Type Single