How to disinfect Edelweiss Textile PPE during the COVID-19 crisis

 Based on the knowledge shared by scientists on the elimination of the COVID-19 and after multiple tests on our products, we can recommend 3 different methods.

Method 1:

Respect a 72h quarantine. The Virus is then destroyed naturally. When this method is possible, that’s the one we recommend as this one does not affect the product at all.

Please also note that all the new products with deliver and will deliver have respected this quarantine.

Method 2:

Wash the product in a washing machine with soap at 60°C during 30 minutes. To facilitate the manipulations (specifically for ropes) place the products inside a cover. Use some « Savon de Marseille ». Let it dry at ambient temperature.

This 60°C washing method is different from the recommendations written in our instructions of use. In the instructions the maximum temperature is 30°C. So this method cannot be used as a standard method.

However, our internal tests showed that this method could be repeated up to 100 times without any consequences for Edelweiss PPE made of Polyamide or Polyester.

Known consequences :

The low -stretch ropes in Polyamide will shrink of around 10%. Thus it will become stiffer and during use there will be more elongation.

Nearly no effect on dynamic ropes.

Harnesses polyamide tape and slings will shrink between 1 and 5%

Nearly no effect on Polyester and Dyneema tapes.

Method 3:

Sink the products into Isopropyl (or Isopropanol) alcohol during 30 to 60 seconds. Let it dry, suspended at fresh air in a well-ventilated room (due to alcohol vapours). In 24 hours, even the ropes will be dried.

Polyamide, polyester and Dyneema are not significantly weakened by alcohol in these specific conditions. The Edelweiss PPE can bear up to 100 cycles of this method without any consequences.